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     To promote the general welfare of power equipment dealers.

     To aid your commercial and industrial advancement.

     To aid and protect you in any and all of your proper business relations.

     To compile and disseminate information, data and knowledge to you the member.

     To encourage and support equitable practices and methods within the industry.

     Over a Century of Service

The United Equipment Dealers Association (UEDA) was formed when the Ohio-Michigan Equipment Dealers Association (OMEDA) and the Mid-America Equipment Retailers Association (MAERA) merged on January 1, 2016. UEDA serves equipment dealers in four states including: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. 


The Ohio-Michigan Equipment Dealers Association was formed in 1996 with the merger of Ohio Farm & Power Equipment Dealers Association and the Michigan Equipment Dealers Association. The Association represents 481 farm, industrial, construction and outdoor power equipment dealers in Ohio and Michigan and sponsored Power Show Ohio for 47 years, and now is launching the Lawn and Rural Equipment Expo (LAREE) in December 2018. Formed in 1893, Ohio is the older of the two associations and has been in continual operation since that time.


The Mid-America Equipment Retailers Association was formed in 1992 with the merger of the Indiana Implement Dealers Association and the Kentucky Farm and Power Equipment Dealers Association. It represents 266 farm, industrial, construction, outdoor power and automotive wholesalers in Indiana and Kentucky. The older of the two Associations, Indiana was formed in 1916 and has been serving members since that time.