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Safety Has No Quitting Time               

Association Management Group, LLC and the associations it manages are strong believers in workplace safety. Ensuring a safe work environment has the obvious benefits of helping to keep your workforce happy and productive. Having an unsafe environment, however, can be much more costly than the temporary loss of productivity. There are workers' compensation premium considerations, a potential for OSHA violations which could result in heavy fines, and even lawsuits. While your Association provides support in responding to these bad situations, the best business practices include doing everything possible to avoid these costly events. 

CompManagement Risk Services

AMG has endorsed CompManagement Risk Services, a Sedgwick Company, to provide OSHA Compliance and Workplace Safety training and information for members. You are encouraged to contact them with your safety questions and/or concerns.

Overview of Member Services

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Safety Resources at your fingertips!

During efforts to develop a collection of valuable information about workplace safety, your Association soon discovered there is a wealth of information available to employers on the internet. Rather than re-invent the wheel, so to speak, it was decided to provide a listing of reliable safety-related information sources to help reduce your "search time." The information and resources provided are not intended to be an exhaustive list, but a sampling of what is available. Here are some resources that may help you avoid costly injuries.

If you can't  find what you're looking for in the sources listed above

 -- or need specialized information -- 

consider these additional suggestions.

  • Use the site's internal search window, if applicable.

  • Use your favorite internet search engine to help you locate other sources. 

  • Contact CompManagement Risk Services, 888.264.2635.

  • Contact your Association office, 800.606.6332, or

  • Contact your State Workers' Compensation department.

  • Contact the risk management department of your business insurance company.