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A safety meeting in a nutshell


Note to the Discussion Leader: This short discussion explores the methods and hazards of using ladders, aerial lifts, scissors lifts and other methods to safely work at heights above reachable levels. Review the overhead tasks at your workplace and prepare to discuss the safety of the methods available.

If anyone in the group uses fall protection harnesses, this would be a good time to review the uses, inspection, putting them on correctly and anchoring the lanyards.

If practical, provide a way to write down the answers and ideas discussed. You might begin your discussion with the following questions.

What kinds of overhead tasks do we do that we cannot reach without assistance? Possible answers include:

What kinds of equipment are available to reach these heights? Possible answers include:

Which of these methods requires special training? Possible answers: Any or all of them.

How would you inspect the equipment to see that it's safe to use? (Suggestion: See the manufacturers' recommendations. Review any written inspection check lists that you might have for the equipment.)

What personal checks might you make before working overhead? Possible answers include:

What safe ways can you use to get tools and materials up to the height needed? Possible answers include:

How can you keep the tools from falling on someone below? Possible answers include:

Note to discussion leader: Provide a quick review, using the answers you have written down or notes on the discussion. Your review should cover the tasks mentioned, equipment available, inspections before use, safety during use and fall protection required when working overhead.



Circle the correct answers.

  1. Ladders need to be inspected each time they are used. True or False
  2. Aerial lifts are so easy to run that you don't need operational training. True or False
  3. You must have a safety harness on when in an aerial lift bucket. True or False
  4. It's OK to carry small tools in one hand while climbing a ladder. True or False
  5. Oily shoes are a hazard if you ar climbing a ladder. True or False
  6. Harnesses are not needed if you stay inside the hand rails on a raised scissors lift. True or False

Answers: 1.T; 2.F, 3.T, 4.F, 5.T, 6.T.

-- from the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation Safety Leaders Discussion Guide