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A safety meeting in a nutshell


Note to Discussion Leader: Use the following information to develop your presentation. Make the material applicable to your operation to help your listeners relate to the message. Ask questions to draw out personal experiences from your participants. Share information that encourages awareness and application of sound accident-prevention principles.

Before we discuss back injury prevention, I would like to discuss the most common causes of back pain. At some point in our lives, I am sure that each of us has experienced some type of back pain. Who can give me some examples of the reasons for back pain?

Common examples include: trying to lift too much weight; lifting improperly; poor posture; poor flexibility; aging process; arthritis; declining physical fitness/strength; poor ergonomics; accidents.

Back injuries are costly in the workplace. The worker, the company and co-workers suffer. It is important that we take a serious approach to keeping our backs healthy and lift objects properly.

Question: Before we start, what are some things we should consider prior to making a lift?

Expected Answers:

Back Stretching Exercises

Another way that we can prevent injuries to our back is to do some simple stretching exercises prior to making a lift. You can complete these exercises in a few minutes for warming up prior to lifting. Just as professional athletes warm up prior to a sporting event, so must the industrial athlete. The following exercises are easy, only take a few minutes, and will go a long way in protecting your back from injury:

Conclusion Stretching exercises will increase back strength and will warm up the muscles of our back, legs and stomach. However, proper lifting techniques are still the key to back injury prevention. Never attempt to lift something too heavy; ask for help or get a lifting device. The key to protecting our backs is using all of the things we've discussed today—proper posture, proper lifting techniques, and frequent use of stretching exercises.


-- from the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation Safety Leaders Discussion Guide