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A safety meeting in a nutshell


Note to the Discussion Leader: Check your facility. See what hazardous chemicals or materials you have on site . Next, obtain the MSDSs for several of those materials. Then, review this lesson and your MSDSs thoroughly before training begins. Make overheads or provide copies of the MSDSs so students can follow along. Ensure that employees know where to obtain MSDSs.

If you use hazardous chemicals at your workplace, knowing what is in the material safety data sheet (MSDS) can save your life—or the lives of your employees. That's why Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations require employers-to provide MSDSs. This lesson focuses on the information contained in the MSDS and, more importantly, will explain what it means.

Ask the group to help you identify, and then discuss what information can be found in a MSDS. Make sure the group is aware that OSHA does not require a standardized MSDS form. Use the list below as a guide. Record any other items employees suggest.

Information found in MSDSs, include:

Note to discussion leader: Review the following partial list of MSDS definitions with employees. Locate these terms in the MSDSs used in your facility.

MSDS definitions



Circle the correct answers.

1. Fumes come from liquid chemicals. True or False

2  Flash point helps determine a material's flammability. True or False

3. The NFPA fire diamond color blue represents reactivity True or False

4. Acute health effects occur immediately. True or False

5. A fire rating of 4 means the material is not flammable. True or False

6. I know how locate and read an MSDS. True or False

Answers- 1.F, 2.T, 3.F, 4.T, 5.F, 6.T.

-- from the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation Safety Leaders Guide