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A safety meeting in a nutshell


Note to the Discussion Leader: This topic covers power hand tools employees in the shop might come in contact with. Collect power tools you are going to use to demonstrate safe use. For any hand-powered tool you use, have a qualified operator instruct would-be operators in its safe use. In addition to the tool's safe use, instruct potential operators in the proper personal protective equipment.

Question: Name some examples of power hand tools. Answer: electric drill motors hand-held grinders air-powered drills brushes chisels hydraulic porta-powers or jacks.

Question: What personal protective equipment should you wear when operating power hand tools? Answer: These items include such equipment as: Eye/face protection: safety glasses with side shields goggles full face shield respiratory protection. Hand protection:

Note to the Discussion Leader: In each category, ask for ideas from the discussion group. Ask someone to demonstrate safe use of an electrical tool, such as a 3/8- or - inch drill motor.

Question: What are some dangers to be aware of when using electrical tools such as drill motors: Answer:

Question: What precautions should you take when using a drill motor?

Answer: Use the auxiliary or right-angle or second-hand grip to ensure the operator's safety.

Note to Discussion Leader: Have a member demonstrate an air-powered tool, such as a hand side-grinder.

Question: What are some precautions to take before operating an air-powered tool?


Note to Discussion Leader: During the demonstration of a grinder, show how proper use can control direction of spark throw (adjustment of guard). Let each person feel the thrust or torque of this tool and explain how important proper control is.

Question: Can you name any additional hand-held power tools that our workplace uses?


Note to Discussion Leader: Demonstrate proper operation of a porta-power or hydraulic tool.

Question: What are some dangers when using the porta-power or hydraulic tool?

Answer: While they may look simple, the porta-power or hydraulic tool can be deadly because of:

Also, when using duck-bill jaws or other prying devices, operators may forget to crib or close the gap.

Question: What are some concerns when operating a handjack, especially if used improperly?


Question: What are some important overall aspects to performing a job safely?



-- from the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation Safety Leaders Discussion Guide