Servicing Equipment Retailers Foundation (SERF)

Hall of Heroes

Every industry needs "heroes" --- those who invest in the future...and the education of those who will soon take leadership positions. We want to honor and thank our "heroes" by listing them here. 

Each one deserves our thanks.


* denotes Charter Member



 $5,000 or more


David C. Lucy*

Federated Insurance

Stephanís, Inc.*




 $1,000 - $4,999

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In Memory of Harry Bedwell*

Bowen Farm Supply*

Bright Equipment*

Buckeye Power Sales

Mark Foster

Four Season Yard & Sport Eq.

Fullerton Equipment*

Dana Harju

Hopf Equipment, Inc.*

Dale Magie

In Honor of Marion Grimes

    & SISCO*

Jacobi Sales*

John Murphy

Ohio CAT

Pellís Inc.

Plymouth Farm Center*

Rader Equipment*

Reynolds Farm Equipment*

Voss Bros. Sales & Service

Yantis Enterprises*




 $500 - $999



       Bobcat of Toledo

       In Honor of Lucille Bowman*

       Carriage Ford*

       Century Equipment

       Farmers Equipment

       Flock Implement Inc.*

       Fowler Farm Center*

       Bush & Susan Fullerton

            In Memory of Bill Fullerton

       Gadson Sales & Service, Inc.*

       Gilsinger Implement Co.*

       Hillís Farm Supply Inc.


Kenney Farm Implement*

Virgina Lankford*

Miller Lawn & Garden

Miller & Oschman*

Minnis International*

Polk & Sons, Inc.*

Roberts Farm Equipment


In Memory of Dorothy E. Stephan*

David Van Eaton*

Weidenbenner Ford Tractor*

Weiss Farm Equipment




 $100 - $499


       A & M Farm Center, Inc.*

       John & Jenny Archibald

            in honor of the AMG Staff

       B & G Equipment

       Baker & Sons Equipment Co.

       Bortnick Tractor Sales

       Briggs Equipment*

       Bud Herbert Motors

       Mark Burks

       Carmel Welding & Supply, Inc.

       Castongiaís, Inc.*

       Castongia's in honor of Roger Castonia

       Todd Channell

       Charter Software

       Chapman Implement*

       Claussen Equipment Co.*

       Cope Farm Equipment

       Deere & Co.*

       Easterday Bros. Implements*

       Fackler Kubota Tractor

       Fairground Implement, Inc.*

       Fastline Publications*

       Flint New Holland

       Ford Distributing, Inc.

       Charles Gardner*

       Harold's Equipment, Inc.

       HBS Systems*

       Zach Hetterick

       Holt Equipment Co.*

       Implement Service, Inc.*

       Jackson Implement      

Jackson-Lee-Pearson, Inc.*

Janson Equipment Co.

Johnís Tractor Service*

Kale Marketing

Kennedy Repair Shop*

Krystowski Tractor Sales

Limestone Farm Lawn Worksite

MBAH Insurance Agency*

McMillin Implement*

Murphy Tractor & Equipment

Northside Kubota & Equipment*

Poseyville Farm Sales, Inc.*

Remlinger Mfg. Co.*

R.L. Stauffer Inc.*

Schmidt Machine Co.

Stilesville Implement Auction*

Brian Streacker

T&S Mower Service

Towlift Inc.

Troxel Equipment Co.*

Truelove Brothers*

Universal Underwriters*

Vermeer of Indiana, Inc.*

Voelker Implement Sales

Voss Bros. Sales & Service

Ward Implement

Ralph Witmer

Wright Implement Co. (IN)*

Wright Implement LLC (KY)

Daryl Zimmer

  Each of us owes a debt to this industry in which we have made our living. Just as we work for the betterment of our community, church and other organizations, we have the same responsibility to our industry. The Servicing Equipment Retailers Foundation (SERF) provides a vehicle for us to respond. Each year, SERF awards scholarships to promising students entering our industry.
To help continue this outstanding tradition, you can make contribute, too. Check out our donor form. Foundation contributions qualify as an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable deduction.

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